Donate to SWAYE

SWAYE was started to provide the new generation of artists with a unique opportunity to have their art be shared on an online publication. We have been dedicated to giving rising artists professional experiences at a young age, setting them up for success in the future. Our community and team are constantly growing, and we are working ceaselessly to create an accessible way for teen creatives to share their art with the world. As a new and upcoming publication, we are operating on limited funds.

Our website is currently hosted on WordPress, but we have access to limited features and less flexibility. Under the free plan that we are currently using, we are unable to use all of the features of the program, and as a result, we won’t be able to give our users the experience we are striving for. This may hinder the growth of SWAYE, and we won’t be able to spread our mission as extensively.

With the help of donations, SWAYE will be able to fully utilize the features of WordPress by operating with its business plan. We would be able to use our own domain and customize the website much more, which would let our website reflect SWAYE’s mission of creativity more effectively. We would be able to expand our database, so SWAYE would be able to create more content for our users. An improved website could help expand our audience. Our artists would have more tools and opportunities to succeed in their art careers.

By donating in the link below, you could help the next generation of artists start their bright careers. Any amount is greatly appreciated. You would be providing them with the tools to succeed by exposing their art to a large audience and granting them the confidence to work professionally in their field. Help us make the SWAYE website not just a place in which people can view art, but also a platform for teen artists to share their talents with the world.