Hashkiveinu is a Jewish prayer song asking God for shelter and peace. This song holds great value to me because my family and I sing it together before every Shabbat. Shabbat is a Jewish holiday; it’s the day of rest, and it happens every Friday night and Saturday morning. I took the basic characteristics of this song (the chords and the melody) and turned it into a tune that would be more suitable for a band to play together, as opposed to a song for prayer. I wrote out the music, gave it to my friends, and we played it together! 

Jonah Kinsbourne – Bari. Sax

Quinn Simmons – Alto Sax

Jazzton Blase – Trumpet

Porter Bliquez – Drums

Atticus Simmons – Bass

Allan Aks (my dad!) – Piano

Simon Aks – Guitar

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