Hello, Goodbye (안녕)

By: Jessica Phan

“Hello (안녕)” is a Korean-pop song by artist Joy. However, 안녕 in this song does not mean “hello,” but instead, it means “goodbye.” As an incoming senior, I wanted to reflect on my high school life. This means looking back at the past 3 years I have spent at Lowell High School and remembering those precious memories that I have experienced. I realized how much I have changed and how I have learned to become a better version of myself. I am so grateful for all the amazing people I have met and who have influenced the person I am today. Now that junior year is coming to an end, I am closing this chapter of my life and saying goodbye as a way to say thank you and farewell. It is time to take those things I have learned and move onto the very last chapter of high school, senior year.  

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