Join Our Team

SWAYE Media was started as an inclusive platform for teens in California to showcase their art, with the goal of encouraging creative expression in the next generation of artists. Over the past year, we have been able to expand and spread our message far beyond what we could have hoped. SWAYE has built a large community of artists all from over the nation that celebrates creativity and individuality. We have many more plans to continue sharing artistic talent moving forward and to help our expansion, we’re eager to bring in more passionate teens into our team. You can join us in our mission to uplift creative Gen-Z voices, whilst working with a dedicated team of other creative youth.

Benefits of joining our team:

  • Work with a group of amazing creators that will support your creative journey
  • Gain valuable experience that’ll come in handy in your future career paths.
  • Be apart of a project that empowers teen creatives all across the world
  • Real-world leadership and management experience
  • Meet new people and build strong bonds
  • Expose your work to a diverse and supportive community of Gen-Z creatives
  • Create tangible work that builds your professional portfolio

Things to note:

  • All positions are volunteer positions and unpaid. We are a teen-driven company that consists of Gen-Z creatives that are dedicated and passionate about contributing to SWAYE Media.
  • Applications are open worldwide and to everyone!
  • By applying to be apart of our team, you are confirming that you are passionate and dedicated to making SWAYE Media successful and helping to build up the youth artist community.
  • Feel free to apply for more than one position! You will need to submit the applications for each respective position, and we will choose whichever one we think fits you best.

Positions Open:

*Application deadlines vary depending on position! After applying, your application will be reviewed and you will be notified within 9 days.*