Our Mission

OUR Mission

We at SWAYE believe that the arts are a commonly overlooked subject/field in today’s society. As a teen-driven company, we recognize the positive impact the arts have on people, as well as the importance of spreading creativity. SWAYE Media strives to provide encouragement and support for artistic teens all around the world. Our goal as teen creators and advocates is to be able to empower teens to share their artistic talents and creativity with the rest of the world and be able to provide a platform to represent the visions and creativity of young artistic minds.


The main focus of SWAYE Media are our monthly themed SWAYE Issues that our SWAYE artists work incredibly hard on over the course of one month. These issues revolve around each respective themes that a wide variety of events and issues from social justice to the need for serotonin. We also have a portion of our website where we have professional artists give advice and insight to the next generation of artists, titled “Professional Artist Corner” as well as a casual blog with arts-related pieces contibuted by our team of Content Writers.