Our Story

OUR story

Founded by high school sophomore Matthew Chen in early May 2020,¬†SWAYE is a media company founded in San Francisco, California that focuses on teen artists around the world. As a musical artist himself, Matthew’s personal experiences and struggles with being looked down upon because of his passion for art inspired him to think about what he can do to make it easier for teen artists around the world who may not have the necessary resources to be able to pursue and chase after this passion. He wanted to create something that would be able to provide support, guidance, and encouragement for these teen artists. He wanted to create a community where people’s differences and beliefs weren’t frowned upon, but celebrated and shared instead. As a result, he created SWAYE, as a way to motivate artists to find the strength and courage to be themselves and do what it is that they’re passionate about.

What does swaye stand for?

Striving With Artistic Youth Empowerment