trans women are women. trans men are men.

For this theme, I decided to focus more on the struggles of the LGBTQIA+ community, but more specifically the transgender community. Recently, a show I’ve really enjoyed watching was POSE (available on Netflix!! Highly recommend everyone to watch if you have time). It focuses on the struggles of specifically BIPOC LGBTQ – one woman that particularly inspired me was a character named Angel. As a trans woman, she’s both fetishized but ridiculed by society. Her resilience and strength inspired me to create this piece (she’s in the bottom right corner, and her Instagram is @indyamoore :)). An average trans woman’s lifespan is only 35 years, because of the constant transphobia in society. On the sides, I have featured a list of 2021 accomplishments from the LGBTQIA+ community. I also have the lyrics of a song and the QR code to the song ( 刻在我心低的名字/ Your Name Engraved Herein ), one of the highest-grossing films about the LGBTQIA+ community (also on Netflix)!! It translates to “If there is a next time, I will love again … your name engraved in the bottom of my heart.” I think it particularly struck me because the two main characters in the movie had only one shot at love, but was ruined due to societal standards (again). Since this June is Pride Month, I hope we can all become a more accepting society – not judging people for who they love or who they are.

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