The Mermaid Trend: Will We Sea It in 2020?

As global COVID-19 restrictions decrease and old trends reappear on our feeds, we need the vibrant Mermaid trend to make a comeback.

Let’s take a step back. Picture this: it’s late 2016 or early 2017. Everybody’s flipping plastic bottles around and dancing the Harlem Shake. It’s also an election year, and America’s divided between political parties—sound familiar? Nonetheless, it was a good time.

All while these trends and events are going on, thousands of women (and men) emerge on Pinterest boards and Instagram pages across the world with uniquely vibrant variations of the color spectrum in their hair. Also known as the Mermaid trend, this colorful and exciting mania swept across the hair industry as individuals began using traditionally unorthodox colors to express their creativity. Metallic, neutral, pastel, or all the blues, pinks, and greens—the choices were limitless. An individual’s hair was the rainbow, and the sky was the limit.

Fast forward to now. It’s 2020. The world is going through a pandemic, and America is yet again politically divided. Times are bleak as people interact with each other less and less. Social media dominates our lives as the only connection we have to the once-bustling world. However, as salons begin reopening and people emerge out of their half-year’s worth of isolation, many find that they have a creative void that needs filling.

Whether through a colorful y2k purse that they can show to the world or a small painting on the back of a denim pocket, people are adding tiny hints of color to their daily lives. More than ever, we need the Mermaid trend back. In a world so dark, color adds the vibrancy and energy necessary to create a sense of pre-Coronavirus times. Instead of adapting to this disengaged and disconnected society, we must replicate the brightness and brilliance life had before. Why not start with hair? It’s a simple and easy medium to express personality and add a flair of vividness into our otherwise dull lives.

While the Harlem Shake and President Trump’s election can stay in 2016, let’s bring back the Mermaid trend. Let’s bring back the colors, let’s bring back creativity, and let’s bring back our lives.

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